2016 Annual Art Show and Silent Auction


“Allowing Them to Grow and Thrive”
-Lynn Hess, Director

Earlier this week, I sent an email to our current families about The School of Grace Annual Art Show and Silent Auction. Soon after, I received this response from one of our parents:

“Thanks to you and the staff for all the hard work you have done and will do this week to make the Art Show a success.  It is one of my favorite events.  I vividly remember touring SoG with my oldest daughter when you were preparing for that year’s art show.  I left thinking, “I want my child to be part of this.”  I had not felt that way about any facility I had previously toured.  It was evident that this was about children and allowing them to grow and thrive in the most developmentally appropriate way possible.  Most facilities and programs I visited touted having Smartboards in their classrooms or teaching the entire Kinder curriculum to their students in the pre-k 4/5 year old class.  Those things did not impress me, either as a parent or an educator.  SoG did and I know I have given my girls the best possible start by sending them to you!  I can’t wait for May 1st when I can celebrate with my children.  They love sharing their work and the pride and excitement they feel is so evident.  A thousand thanks for the extra hours you all spend putting it all together.  It is very appreciated.  -Ann G.”

On Sunday, we will gather as a preschool family to celebrate children. Come join us at 12:15 for the reception. I am certain that you will see children who have been allowed to grow and thrive, whose creative ideas are encouraged and who are proud to share their work.

Lynn Hess, Director