Learning Through the Arts at The School of Grace

“Learning Through the Arts at The School of Grace” -Kris M., parent and Board Member

The Arts–music, painting, dance–are front and center at the School of Grace. On a recent morning as Helping Parent, I witnessed the impact this exposure to the arts has on our students. A refugee student, who spoke little English and knew little of the arts when he joined three years ago, expressed his sadness in morning circle when he learned there was no time for art that Wednesday. What wonderful growth this child has experienced at The School of Grace.

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The arts provide so many opportunities for skill development in children: creativity, problem solving, dedication, focus, and more. The School of Grace brings these opportunities to life.  Here are a few examples I’ve seen first-hand as a parent in the classroom:

  • • All children compose rhythm while singing songs during circle time
  • • Children develop confidence when performing various tasks (determining the weather, saying today’s date) in front of friends during circle time
  • • Teachers provide space and materials for imaginative role play
  • • Children have access to paints, crayons and colored pencils during free play time
  • • There is designated Art time each day which develops the child’s focus and listening
  • • Music is often played at the beginning of class to ease transitions, make children feel welcome, and encourage movement
  • • Children get the chance to make their own music during weekly music time when new instruments (maracas, drums, triangles, scarves, guitar) are introduced
  • • The Art Show at end of the year gives children a feeling of accomplishment