As My Oldest Son Graduates

-Beth C.

sogblogphotoAs my oldest just “graduated” from The School of Grace and will move into kindergarten, I have been reflecting back on the growth of my children there. I’m not sure exactly what I expected when I sent my boys to preschool. I had two goals when looking for a preschool. First was to find a place where they could socialize with children. Second was to give my parents, who watch them while my husband and I work, a break. Going to the School of Grace has given us so much more than that.

Most importantly, over the past three years I have watched my two boys grow, learn and discover. While it is hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, I know that the school has had a major impact on shaping who they are. The school uses the curious, playful side of children to encourage their learning. They build on the children’s natural interests. Everything is learned through singing, touching and doing. Sensory tables, play centers, art time and music time – all of it is child focused but built for them to learn.

Additionally, they have grown in their faith. They are taught about Jesus’ and God’s love for us. It is done through stories and songs. It is sincere and honest, never frightening or overwhelming. It encourages them to want to know more and is building a solid foundation for their faith. 

Finally, the school has become part of our family. The connections built with staff and other families has far exceeded anything I expected. School and home cross paths, there is no separation. I love when my children see someone from the school outside of school, their eyes light up as they say “There is Ms. Lynn” or whoever it is they see. The connections made will never be forgotten.

So as my oldest son has now finished his final weeks at the School of Grace, it makes me excited for him to get ready to go to kindergarten, to continue to watch him grow, learn and discover. And I am thankful for the foundation he received while he was at the school. I know this time next year, when my youngest gets ready to “graduate” from the school, I will be excited for him too, but sad knowing that it will also be the end of our preschool time. But the School of Grace will always be a part of us.