The end of the school year is always a mix of emotions

-1I am so proud of all the growth since September.  For example, in the Turtle Class (ages 6 months to 2 years), several of our children weren’t even crawling, many weren’t talking and most of them preferred parallel play, playing alongside each other with little interaction.  Now, they all walk, they all talk, some say one or two words; many communicate with complex sentences.  The sign language that everyone used at the beginning of the year has been replaced with words, by many children.  The most amazing growth has been in their play.  They prefer to play with their peers, laughing and reacting to each other’s actions.  They cook for and feed each other at the kitchen center.  They build towers with blocks, play instruments and read together.  They explore new sensory experiences, showing each other what they have learned.  Of course, these one and two year olds also claim toys for their own!  Outbursts of  “Mine” and “No” remind us that they are age appropriately showing their independence.  Yet, they also show compassion for their friends when someone cries after falling down.

Like the Turtles, all of the children at The School of Grace have grown this year.  I will miss their hugs and smiles this summer.  I will miss singing and playing instruments with them during our weekly Music classes.  I’ll miss the child who calls out, “Lynn, look what I can do”.

Yet, I will remember how, everyday, we celebrated each child.  We loved them for being who they are, God’s children.  We played, laughed and learned together.  I’ll remember how God has blessed me with each child, each parent and each staff member.  I’ll remember and smile.  Thank you, God!