Tears at the End of the Day Mean They Want to Stay!

by Ellen C.

Several weeks ago, my children and I attended a birthday party for a friend of my youngest child. The birthday boy’s mother is a teacher at The School of Grace, where my youngest child attends preschool.

Children attending the party were mostly preschool children and their families. It was a particularly cold day. Despite the frigid temperatures, when it was time to leave the party and seek warmer temperatures inside, a few children started to have typical toddler “I don’t want to leave” meltdowns.

photoOne parent commented on how many children melt down on the playground at preschool after Lunch Bunch when parents arrive to pick their children up from school. The mother of the birthday boy (SoG teacher), explained to several parents that although difficult to see, it is quite a compliment when children do not want to leave.  Tears at the end of the day tell us the children enjoyed their time and want to stay.

My comment was, “Most children cry when their parents drop them off at preschool. At The School of Grace, the children cry when parents pick them up.”

As trying as it may be to pull your child away from preschool at the end of the day, it is a much easier task than leaving a crying child as you drop off in the morning.