The Art Show is Coming!

By Lynn Hess, Director

School of Grace Art ShowThe staff members are getting ready for the Art Show. Next week, you will notice canopies in the Fellowship Hall. Each class will use one canopy to display art collected throughout the school year. As the week progresses, more art will be displayed.

During the week, I will visit each class and read “Harold and the Purple Crayon”. We will talk about how Harold uses his imagination to create. Then we will make the connection between Harold’s entertaining pictures and stories to the art the children have created at school. We’ll visit the Art Show as a class, allowing each child to choose his/her favorite piece of his own art. The children will then put a “Purple Crayon Award” on that piece of art, after which, we will all clap and cheer. The children adore this part of the art show. They learn that what they create is important and that we celebrate who they are.

Also during the week, I will set up the Silent Auction of handmade items. You are welcome to donate art, crafts or services to the auction. In the past, we have had a variety of entries including: sweaters, jackets, scarves, purses, jewelry, clocks, embroidered bags, stools, a week of sports camp and more. Please let me know if you are interested in donating. I will need all donations by Saturday, April 27th.

On Sunday, April 28th, beginning at 12:15, you are invited to bring your family and friends to the Art Show. We’ll have cake and other refreshments, along with play dough for the children to enjoy,

You may make a bid on Silent Auction items. The Auction will close at the end of the day.

You may also purchase Art by making a donation of any amount, picking up SOLD signs, writing your name on them and attaching them to art.

All funds benefit our scholarship program.

This is an exciting event. I look forward to enjoying it with you!