Taking School of Grace on Vacation with Us

By Beth C.

Recently we went on a family vacation that started with a long car ride. Like most 2 and 3 year olds, ours can get bored with long car rides and we are always looking to keep them busy and occupied. Some of the best things we did during this ride were things learned at School of Grace. We sang our favorite “Birdie Song” for just about every color of birds we could imagine, getting really creative with the striped birdies and polka dot birdies. We did the “Days of the Week” song and practiced holding up seven fingers, which lead to practicing other numbers on fingers. We did a clapping pattern for the “Today Is” song. These songs also came in very useful during our down time in the hotel room, waiting for dinner and anything that involved more than 2 minutes of waiting.

But the moment I realized just how much School of Grace had touched our lives happened one morning in the middle of the trip during breakfast. I looked over at my youngest and saw him signing and mouthing something. I asked him what he was doing and he smiled at me and then very proudly started saying and signing the meal prayer they always did before snack and lunch, “Give Thanks”.