Our Shared Appreciation

Our school year has ended, which is always bittersweet.  There is joy in remembering a wonderful year of growth and delightful experiences.  In contrast, there is the realization that our “graduates” won’t be back in the fall.  Instead, we have shared hugs, fond memories and assured each other that we will see them again.

As teachers, this is the time of year when we wish we had even one more month of school left.  This is also when we reflect on the feedback we have received from both the children and parents.  We cherish the following words as a sampling of how we serve children, guiding each of them to reach their greatest potential.  Note: Names are replaced with initials for privacy reasons.

“Thank you so much for all you do for the children, from keeping them safe and happy to teaching them fun things. I’m so glad to know that even though my children aren’t in your class this year that they still adore you and vice versa : )” -M. E.

On a handmade card from a child with a picture of the teacher and child holding hands – “Dear Miss Lisa, I liked being in the Monkey class. I really liked doing art with you. Thank you for being such a sweet teacher. I’ll miss you! Love, M. H.”

“You are one person I would forever cherish in my heart. Happy Teacher’s Day! Your pumpkin, D.”

“My child is always excited when she wakes up on school days. When I pick her up from school, she tells me what she did during the day and tries to teach me fun songs so we can sing them together. Sometimes she gets frustrated when I don’t understand. I have sent many emails asking for clarification. Her teachers, Brittany and Suzanne, are always excited to share things with me so we can enjoy school activities at home!” -A. S.

“My child must really love Chapel! All he does when we get home from preschool is talk about Ellen and sing Chapel songs.” -M. E.

The teacher explains:  This particular child would ask about Chapel multiple times during the preschool day! We even scheduled special field trips to the Chapel teacher’s office (our Associate in Ministry at Grace Lutheran) and invited her to come sing with us in the classroom several times during our last week of school. She happily obliged every time! We even took a special video of the class singing his favorite Chapel Time song so he could watch it at home over the summer break.

“At home, my child talks about things you guys do at school all the time. Every now and again he’ll go off on a random, excited tangent. Sometimes we’re completely confused until I talk to you (teachers) and then it all makes perfect sense!” -B. C.

“Anytime my daughter gets hurt or upset she wants Lynn or Mary to comfort her. It is very rare for a child to prefer to be comforted by their teachers over their mom. It is amazing how special her teachers are and how much she loves and trusts them.” -B. N.

A grandmother (Jamma) said this about her grandaughter: “I just love how she throws those chubby little arms in the air when she is proud of herself! I know exactly what she’s doing since I spent time in her classroom as the “Helping Jamma”. When they finish a song or a child accomplishes a milestone, Lynn throws her arms up and says ‘hooray!’.” -J. S.

A mother and grandmother comment: “My child is a determined little guy and will keep trying until he gets the results he’s seeking. When he reaches his goal or approaches the intended outcome he shouts, ‘I DID IT!’. My mom (grandma) never fails to remind me, ‘that is straight from The School of Grace. You know that right?'” – D.L.

“We have never met someone as loving, patient, kind, smart, altruistic, and dedicated as you!  We love the SoG and the boys are so happy at school and we just want you to know how much joy and happiness you bring us and the boys.  Thank you for all your love and for all you do for every child.” –C. B.

“Thank you so much for being a part of O’s life and making school such a wonderful experience for her.  You are appreciated more than you know.” -C. F.

“I cannot thank you enough for all you have done over the past 2 years…your patience; so appreciated advice; and kindness have all combined to give all 3 of us the best possible introduction to education!  We’re looking forward to many more years at The School of Grace” -M. K.

“Thank you for all you do for the school and its children.  We are so blessed to have found The School of Grace and as our children grow and thrive in their care here, we are reminded how lucky we are to have wonderful and dedicated (staff).” -M. E.

From the Staff, “Thank you to the children and parents for blessing our year with your joy, laughter, enthusiasm, curiosity and for always striving for the best.  Parents and Grandparents, we thank you for every day you served as “Helping Parent”, worked on the Board of Directors, and participated in school activities.  Your assistance enables us to create environments where children are able to actively learn and create.  You make The School of Grace possible!

With Great Appreciation, we wish you and your family a Grace Filled Summer!