The School of Grace, Where Teachers Really Care

-Mary Beth K.

Our daughter began at The School of Grace as the ‘baby’ of the baby class. She was 6 months old and, after having made her arrival into the world a little early, somewhat delayed in relation to her gross motor skills. Her verbal skills, however, suffered no such problems. She spent most of her early days at school perched in the Bumbo seat, Excersaucer or on the hip of one of her amazing teachers, as she happily babbled to the other kids!

One of the many things that has impressed me about The School of Grace from the beginning is their willingness to work with Caroline (and her parents!) to help better develop these gross motor skills. Once Caroline turned one we began seeing a physical therapist and Lynn and Mary were always eager to hear updates of how things were going and quick to ask what they could do in the classroom to help continue the exercises we were learning in physical therapy. Their never ending patience, persistence and encouragement were a huge boost not only to Caroline, but to us as we all began to watch her grow and become more and more independent. Now, Caroline is an extremely active participant in the ‘Turtle’ class, scaling the slide’s ladder on the playground, climbing up the steps to wash her hands in the bathroom, and often attempting to haul herself up on top of the lunch table (with Lynn’s patient chorus of “let me help you sit in your chair” in the background).

We could not be more thrilled with The School of Grace. The school staff, the other parents and the children have been such an asset to our family and we are grateful to feel a part of such a supportive community!