May Your Easter Be Blessed

-Lynn H., Director

Our preschool walk toward Easter has been significant. In Chapel, Associate in Ministry, Ellen, has led the children through the life and ministry of Jesus, focusing on his message to follow God’s call and love one another. In Music, I have had the joy of sharing an assortment of “Jesus” songs, including Jesus Loves Me, Jesus in the Morning, and Jesus Loves the Little Children. During our Palm Sunday celebration, we waved felt palm prawns, sang about Jesus and paraded through the halls. During our Easter celebration (which was a bit premature due to our Spring Break this week), we continued to sing about Jesus and, this time, danced with multi-colored scarves to express our joy that Jesus is alive! Each class has also celebrated with colorful art projects, treats and egg hunts.

Is it all necessary? Not really. We could skip the egg hunt, art and treats. We could skip the parade and dance. We could even skip the Bible story and learning about Jesus. However, everything combined gives us a greater understanding of how amazing God is to have sent his son, who lives for us and with us, who encourages us to love each other as God loves us.

We do this every day in preschool. The teachers share Christ’s love as they praise children for positive behavior, as they encourage problem solving between children, as they smile, hug and focus on each individual. The parents share this same love as they provide support, volunteer and model positive relationships within our family. The children make this love a complete circle as they share who they are, show compassion for their peers and live life with passion.

Sharing God’s love isn’t anything we reserve for Easter. Easter celebrations, however, remind us that God loves us so much that He sent His son who sacrificed everything for you and me. As we celebrate the recognition of this love, we teach children that God’s love is alive and vibrant. God’s love is to be shared joyfully and sincerely.

Last week, a toddler came running up to me with arms outstretched. As I knelt to receive the child, I was given a surprisingly strong embrace, an enormous grin and a sloppy kiss planted on my nose. I responded with an equally strong embrace, an equally enormous grin and the words, “I love your hugs!” The child replied, “I love you!” Of course, I then gave an extra squeeze, accompanied by the words, “I love you, too!” 

Later in the day, another toddler, tired from a delightfully busy morning, climbed into my lap, curled up and fell asleep. I wrapped my arms around her, cherishing the peace of the moment, knowing that as I was comforting her, she was also comforting me.

Children unconditionally share God’s love, sharing the blessing of Jesus, sharing the joy of Easter.

May your Easter be blessed with
bountiful hugs, grins, kisses, “I love you(s)” and snuggles.

May your Easter be blessed with the joy in knowing
That Christ loves you and everyone in your family.

May your Easter be blessed in recognizing
That Christ loves you so much that he gave up everything for you.

May your Easter be blessed simply because God loves you.