We Are Fortunate to be a Parent Participatory Preschool

There are so many things that are unique and special about The School of Grace Preschool in Raleigh. As a teacher and a parent, one aspect that I am particularly excited about is the parent participatory program at our school.

Parents agree to spend the morning with us in the classroom once or twice each month. Parents are not there to work in the classroom, but rather to spend the morning participating in their child’s learning and development. Every parent I have encountered has expressed nothing but joy in having the opportunity to help the teachers and the children with our daily activities. Parents read, assist with art projects, build with blocks, make creations with play dough, shop for groceries and cook in the kitchen. To sum it up in one word, they play.

In addition, our “helping parent” brings in a healthy snack for the class and the “helping child” gets to help set up the snacks along with other special leadership roles for the day. The older children especially love this because they get to help select food they know their classmates will like. One parent was very surprised when her daughter suggested they bring guacamole as a snack. The parent even called to verify that it was something the children would eat. I explained that the children had been offered guacamole from another helping parent, and although reluctant to try it at first, almost everyone loved it!

My children, 3 teenagers now, did not attend The School of Grace. I rarely was allowed in their preschool classrooms. Parents dropped off their children at the door or in the carpool line, said a quick goodbye and left. I would have LOVED the opportunity to stay a couple of times per month and to have seen what my children did and how they played at preschool. It was always a bit of a mystery except for the little tidbits I would hear at the end of each day. I think our parents are extremely fortunate to have this opportunity to spend the morning with us at The School of Grace Preschool in Raleigh.

-Lisa, Transitional Class Teacher