Why We Don’t Have a Carpool Line

By Brittany Notch – a parent of two preschoolers at The School of Grace and one graduate

I have been a School of Grace parent for almost five years.  Several parents throughout the years have asked why we don’t have a carpool line.  The pros to a carpool line are obvious: a speedy drop off and pick up.  Having three children, I understand how the idea of a carpool line could be convenient and less of a hassle as opposed to walking into the classroom when dropping off and picking up children.  However, the “hassle” is well worth every extra minute.

When dropping my children off, I get to speak with his/her teachers and learn their plans for the day.  Schedules are displayed in the classrooms, giving me great ideas for fun and creative activities at home as well.  I also have the opportunity to speak with other parents, form relationships, set up play dates and get the gist of what everyday life looks like in other people’s homes with small children.  In a sense, it is a fabulous parent support system.  When I drop my children off in their classroom, hug and kiss them goodbye, I feel as though I am communicating to them that The School of Grace is a safe place; that I am comfortable leaving them there but will return in a few hours.  During age appropriate stages of separation anxiety, I leave knowing my children are well taken care of and loved by their teachers.  In my experience, the separation anxiety is short lived because the teachers provide a nurturing, safe and fun environment for their students.

Upon picking my children up, I am greeted by many happy children who have thoroughly enjoyed their day.  However busy they may be, my children’s teachers take the time to discuss strengths in my child’s preschool day as well as anything else that may need to be addressed.

Over the years, the teachers have shared with me many wonderful things my children have said or done, that I would have missed out on if The School of Grace had a carpool line.  For my family, precious stories that illustrate our wonderful children become memories to cherish forever.